National Theatre of Kosovo

30 September 2023

National Theatre of Kosovo presents the premiere of '1984' on 30 September!

In this new adaptation of '1984' for the National Theatre of Kosovo, Igor Mendjisky steps into a world where the boundaries of reality blur and the quest for self unfolds amidst a tapestry of love, politics and the haunting spectre of solitude.

Giving a precise answer to what 1984 as a novel is, the dramaturg and director says:

"I don’t know, and giving a precise and detailed answer, would reduce the depth of this ‘monument’."

The show speaks of power, identity, solitude and the quest for oneself through the quest for others. It explores love, politics, childhood and its troubles.

This take is a satire, which over the years has transformed into a novel of anticipation, a metaphysical fresco, vibrant, frightening and moving. It may simply be the story of the last man, as George Orwell liked to call it.

Like every great novel, this story carries within itself all the major themes of the human condition with perhaps a desire to prevent the worst.

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Author: George Orwell
Director: Igor Mendijsky

Starring:  Adrian Morina, Arta Selimi, Basri Lushtaku, Edona Reshitaj, Flaka Latifi, Shpejtim Kastrati, Xhejlane Godanci, Ylber Bardhi

Dramatized by: Igor Mendjisky
Video artist: Yannik Donet
Composer: Trimor Dhomi
Scenographer: Mentor Berisha & Igor Mendjisky
Costume Designer: Yllka Brada
Dramaturge: Zoga Çeta Çitaku
Lighting Designer: Mursel Bekteshi & Sherif Sahiri
Assistant Director: Alper Zilgir
Translated by: Urim Nerguti
Supervisor: Bajram Mehmetaj
Technical Lead: Aziz Maloku
Children in the video: Rrap Çitaku & Dukë Sllamniku
Design: Nita Qahili


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