1000 +1 nights

De Toneelmakerij

20 October 2023 - 07 January 2024

De Toneelmakerij and master storyteller Sadettin Kırmızıyüz use the age-old tales of One Thousand and One Nights as inspiration for the new musical family performance 1000+1 nights about the enchanting power of stories. For everyone aged eight and up.

Layla is in the hospital. She is sleeping, very deeply. Father Ersin sits by her bedside day and night and tells her the stories from One Thousand and One Nights. Everyone in the hospital listens in, from the head doctor to the cleaner. In Layla's imagination, the stories come to life. Tough warriors move to the rhythm of the heart rate monitor, djinns emerge from an IV drip. While doctors busily dance around her bedside, Layla and her father fly over deserts, float past uninhabited islands and wander through fairy-tale cities. The hospital and the fantasy world increasingly intertwine. What is certain: without the doctors' expertise, Layla will not get better, but without her father's loving stories, neither will she.

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Photo: (c) Jan Hoek

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