AUSTRIA / 2019

Svenja Viola Bungarten – Garland

The play proposed by Schauspielhaus Graz for the ETC Drama Committee

It could be Mars. An area outside Madrid. The Mojave Desert. Or the Sahara. But let's not forget where we are. We are in Germany. In America near Penig, district of Central Saxony, to be precise. And the catastrophe is everywhere: the country is a blazing oven, the earth is withering, houses are burning down, there has been no wind for months. And there is no tornado far and wide to save the crisis-ridden characters from their fate.

But there is a girl named Dorothee Sturm, and she has set her mind on nothing less than saving the world. Too bad she seems to attract misfortune. Em and Henri can tell you a thing or two about that. They are not the parenting type, they are the farming type and lost first their dignity and then their farm in a fire. While the desperate policeman Gus Brandt sets out on the trail of the suspected arsonist, he in turn is sought by his brother, the filmmaker Salvatore Brandt. He is interviewed, overworked and underpaid, by Lorna Luft, host of the radio programme HOT TIMES. How a gigantic truck comes into the game and why Judy Garland, of all people, shines behind the counter of a petrol station - GARLAND also tells about that.

Download an overview of the play and the author below, including an extract in English and the full play in the original language.


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