Today, European theatres have shown great interest and significant first efforts to ensure their ecological transition. As a proof, ETC member theatres are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.
But it is sometimes very difficult to know what the next steps are, the scales, and the priorities for action.

ETC has therefore developed solutions, tools, and partnerships to help its member theatres embark on their footprint reduction projects, both in production, editorial content, and institutional structure.

Here are the 3 steps we propose to our member theatres. 

1. Download the ETC Green Toolkit, available from the ETC Online Library.

The ETC Green Toolkit includes a "HOW TO" set of basic steps, examples, and case studies, practical information adaptable by country and recommendations on sustainable practices.


2. Join Ki Futures, the training and coaching program of our partner Ki Culture.

It is a fee-based training and networking program bringing together ETC theatres and other key players in the European theatre sector. Through year-round coaching, the program aims to provide the support systems, resources, tools, and network needed to tackle every issue; on an individual, institutional, and sectoral level.

Find out more about the conditions of participation here.

Questions, ideas?
Write to us. And together, let's normalize sustainable activities and behaviors within the theatre world! We are well on our way.

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