Join the European Theatre Talks 2023 at Festival d'Avignon

A dialogue between artists, European policymakers and the public

07 July 2023

The European Theatre Convention is delighted to organise two high-profile events in the heart of the Festival d'Avignon on Friday 7 July, to meet and exchange with other international theatre makers.

14:30-16:30 European Theatre Talks at Avignon 
ETC Reception 

The European Theatre Talks is set to introduce the 'Opole Recommendations,' a policy paper based on the results of the European Theatre Forum 2023 that sets the roadmap for the sector's future!

European Theatre Talks

The European Theatre Talks are a new series at the Festival d’Avignon, anchoring the much-needed dialogue between artists, the public and European policymakers at one of the world’s most important theatre festivals.

Organised by the European Theatre Convention, this year’s talks explore the next steps for The Opole Recommendations, the high-level policy document created by the theatre and performing arts sector as a result of the European Theatre Forum (ETF) 2023.

The speakers will bring forward a new guiding tool to ‘green’ European Theatre; the opportunities and challenges presented by a digital theatre platform; and how to promote the next generation of European theatre makers and artists.

The conversation will include input from additional European artists and will be led by Maria Delgado, theatre academic and moderator of the ETF 2023.

With Special Guests

Gabrielle Bernoville, European Commission Creative Europe / Paddy Dillon and Lisa Burger, Renew Culture / Jonathan Thonon, Théâtre de Liège & PROSPERO / Maxime de Brogniez, University of Liège / Antoine Vandenbulke, University of Mons / Tom Leick-Burns, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg & Future Laboratory / Serge Rangoni, Théâtre de Liège & European Theatre Convention / Heidi Wiley, European Theatre Convention / Blanca Li, Teatros del Canal/ Caroline Guiela Nguyen, TNS Théâtre National de Strasbourg

ETC Reception

Join ETC’s informal reception straight after the European Theatre Talks to meet international theatre makers for informal networking and a drink.

Join ETC member theatres, partners in the EU-funded, large-scale sustainable theatre project STAGES, PROSPERO and FutureLaboratory, and the emerging theatre-makers taking part in ETC’s European Theatre Academy.

Practical information

European Theatre Talks at Avignon
Friday, 7 July 2023, 14:30 - 16:30
Salle Colloque, Cloître Saint-Louis

ETC Reception
Friday, 7 July 2023, 16:30 - 18:00
Cloître Saint-Louis


ETF 2023

The European Theatre Forum 2023 is the stage for a new roadmap for making Europe’s theatre sector more sustainable, equitable and better equipped to face current and future challenges.

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