De Toneelmakerij (The Netherlands)

By Young Europe IV playwright Tomer Pawlicki


Friday 19 April 2024, 17:30 - 19:00

Hassan and Moos are best friends. At school, they have a ritual together. Every break, they go out for fries together at the cafeteria near school. Their gimmick is that Moos always
brings his own jar of mayonnaise, because it’s cheaper, and Hassan gladly joins in. One day, they make a TikTok showing how much this saves them in the long run and how many extra fries they can buy for it. Their video is a hit, and they go viral. They keep making TikToks, and call themselves the Mayo Brothers.

Written by Tomer Pawlicki
Directed by Timothy de Gilde
Translation: Purni Morell
Dramaturgy & Mentor: Paulien Geerlings
Mentor: Mohammad Al Attar
Education: Martien Langman

Recommended for ages 12+


Young Europe

Bringing theatres across Europe together to make new plays for young people - highlighting non-dominant voices in European societies.

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