Premieres – Season 2018/19

Croatian National Theatre

The 2018/2019 season at the Croatian National Theatre will premiere:


  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – By Tennessee Williams.
    Directed by Paolo Magelli. Premiere: 13 October 2018

  • Actress – By Pascal Rambert.
    Directed by Pascal Rambert.
    Premiere: 01 February 2019

  • Each One of Your Birthdays – By Miro Gavran.
    Directed by Rene Medvešek. Premiere: 30 December 2018

  • Antigone – By Slavoj Žižek.
    Directed by Angela Richter. Premiere: 04 May 2019

  • Three Sisters – An authorial project based on Chekhov.
    Directed by Bobo Jel.

  • I am Europe – By Falk Richter.
    Directed by Falk Richter.

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Photo: Actress by Pascal Rambert ©HNK

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