Volume 2 of 'Our Stories of Change' is Out!

Get ready to immerse yourself in stories from ETC colleagues

Get ready to immerse yourself in stories from ETC colleagues – artists, dramaturgs, directors and theatre managers – as they share how participating in ETC activities over the past 12 months has shaped their journey.

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In this edition, we’re excited to share:

  • The journey and learning during an international coproduction, with the artistic team behind ‘The Best European Show’, supported with an ETC Development Grant - featuring representatives from Teatro Due Parma and SNG Nova Gorica
  • The value of participating in an ETC staff exchange, from the perspective of Nina Jacques, Dramaturg at Národní divadlo – National Theatre Prague, who spent one month at Folkteatern Göteborg – and from Lotta Lekvall, the theatre’s CEO
  • The joy of networking with Anica Tomic, a Croatian director who has collaborated with Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, and who discovered new career possibilities through the ETC’s Women Directors Networking Group
  • Why travelling to CINARS, Canada as part of the ETC Roadshow had a profound impact on Jennifer Weiss, Former Dramaturg at Volkstheater Wien

'Our Stories of Change' aims to illustrate the effect of our current programme of activities: TRANSFORMATIONS – Recharging European Theatres and Audiences in a Post-Covid World, which is only possible thanks to the support of ETC Members, and co-funding from the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission.

© From Volkstheater Wien’s season brochure 2023–24 / ©️ Marcel Urlaub


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