28-31 October 2021
Envisioning the Future

This was one of the first opportunities since the pandemic began for European theatres to meet in person and discuss what the past two years have really meant for their activity. Beyond the closed stages, the postponed performances, and the logistical challenges – what is the emotional and artistic legacy of the pandemic, and what do theatres need to be able to thrive again? What role does in-person theatre have in a society so used to online cultural experiences? How can we continue to build theatre as a public space that is sustainable, inclusive, and nurturing of artistic freedom and expression?

Press Release

2 November 2021

Leading theatre makers and professionals across Europe have delivered a clear message to policy makers on the continent: Act now to make sustainability and freedom of expression in theatre a reality.

These reflections, made during the European Theatre Convention (ETC)’s International Theatre Conference in Malta, sit alongside thoughts on the emotional, artistic and logistical legacy of the Coronavirus pandemic, the feasibility of pairing international touring and a small carbon footprint, and the most exciting ways for theatres to continue experimenting with digital techniques and VR.

This diverse collection of hopes, concerns and ambitions will be packaged together and submitted to the Conference on the Future of Europe: a new listening initiative by the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Europe, which intends to feedback on wide ranging policy changes in Spring 2022.

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