Eight renowned public theatres, in seven different countries, have created and performed across Europe, six new European multilingual theatre plays for young audiences.



The Hungarian production

Palinkantzaroi a.k.a. All Goblins Are Equal, but Some Are More Equal Than the Others

Age: +15

In this humorous and heartfelt student musical, Miskolc National Theatre takes the mischievous goblins of Cypriot legend and relocates them to a Hungarian environment.  Representing several nationalities our Kalikantzaroi goblins lose their way underground and accidentally emerge in a Miskolc secondary school classroom! Chaos ensues – along with a lot of high spirits, humanity and cool songs - as the goblins try and figure their way back to the right path and their lost Kalikantzaroi world. 


Hunor: quarrelsome, sporty, loves chasing girls, Hungarian nationalist – he has six fingers, but has been able to hide it so far - ZOLTÁN SIMON

Vlad: Romanian, member of a boy group, a bit smarmy, or shall we rather say too lyrical, somewhat tends to burst into tears – his voice becomes feminine, when nervous - KRISTÓF ÓDOR

Nikosz: a Cypriot, loud spoken, but would not hurt a fly – tends to twitch - GUSZTÁV MOLNÁR

Also: Teacher, Students, Pet Rescuers 1, 2, 3

Participating students: Gergely Eperjesi, Ádám Fráter, Klaudia Kocsis, Ruben Lajhó, Dóra Sipos, Boglárka Szabó, Jakab Tóth, Dóra Varga (students of Zrínyi Ilona High School, Drama Course)

Music: Nándor Nagy

Lyrics: Zoltán Simon, Kristóf Ódor, Gusztáv Molnár and Nándor Nagy

Assistant to the Director: Tünde Együd

Directed by: ARTUR SZŐCS

Playwright: Péter Deres


The Cypriot production

Kali-Kantzar & Co

Age: +13

One afternoon, during his regular rounds at the big theatre of the city, the security guard hears an unusual noise.  Investigating further he comes across a whole gang of bizarre-looking, filthy-smelling intruders on one of the empty stages.  It’s a family of Kalikantzaroi! Led by the chief Mafia God-mother, they have come to the world above to look for her lost son who they recently discovered has changed his name and is now living among humans pursuing a career in showbiz. But it’s not just a mother’s love that has the brought the Kalikantzaroi over-ground.  Business is bad below.  Humans have forgotten all about these naughty little goblins, writing them out of their lives and erasing them from their imaginations.  The future of Kalikantzaroi is now in the hands of this famous lost son! If he can use his showbiz contacts to run a big promotional campaign to get them back in the public eye they can start causing Christmas chaos again – and bring a little bit of filth and fun back into the modern electronic, grey, faceless world of humans!    

Idea - Original text - Lyrics: Lea Maleni, Christina Constantinou, Valentinos Kokkinos

Director/Final text treatment: Lea Maleni

Music: Demetris Zavros

Movement: Lea Maleni and team of Actors

Stage/Costume/Design: Elena Katsouri

Light design: Giorgos Koukoumas



Age: +15


What has a butterfly in common with the coast of England, being in love or the weather? Where does the Chaos come from ? Are we guided from the outside? Or is our head in a muddle? Do you believe in coincidental encounters?

A retired person, a monkey and a statistician in love are waiting on a bus stop. They don’t know each other.  As the bus is late, they start an unexpected conversation. The bus is still late. Will the bus ever arrive? Is this really a bus stop? The bus is not coming. 

In this everyday-situation, what is normal becomes absurb and visible. A normal situation is only created by people's mind and it is nothing but an utopia. And this very utopia is slowly but surely exasperating the judge of the universe’. 

The Finnish team

Director: Kari Rentola

Education Manager: Mirja Neuvonen

Producer: Sanna Niemeläinen

Writer and theater pedagogue: Emma Puikkonen 

Actress: Marjut Toivanen

Actors: Joachim Wigelius and Juha-Pekka Mikkola


The German team

Actor: Florian Pabst (Alexander, Colin Cloud)

Actresses: Franziska Krol (Arnold, Ein Mann im Keller), and Danielle Schneider (Alva, Judge of the Universe)

Stage director: Sascha Bunge

Costume and design: Angelika Wedde

Video Konstantin Bock

Dramaturgie and Theater pedagogue Camilla Schlie


Eg – Ik, Ich, I

Age group: +15



There’s a boy out there walking around
I don’t yet know how his name sounds
He’s only just been born and like the sun, he shines
Really and truly, he’s a child of his times

You’re young, successful, gorgeous and intelligent. You’re a hunter; you bag everything you set your sights on. You travel the world, go to the hottest parties, have hundreds of followers on Twitter and never have a bad-hair day. The pressure is high if you want to be the son or daughter of the gods everyone thinks you are. It’s nobody’s business that you’re sometimes sick and tired of hunting. That you’ve never seen Dexter on TV. That you sometimes cry yourself to sleep.

For this project, young people from the Netherlands and Norway did interviews and made short films. Central topics of their research: young people‘s lives, dreams and aspirations and their fear to fail. The playwright Oscar van Woensel developed the three-part-play “Eg – Ik, Ich, I” from this material. In the play, three young people have a go at the ancient myth of Narcissus and Echo. – A play full of self-mockery. Freakish, associative and raw.


Direction: Jonas Corell Petersen 

Text: Oscar van Woensel 

Dramaturgy: Paulien Geerlings

Translation to Norwegian: Ola E. Bø 

Design: Nia Damerell

Actors: Keja Kwestro, Oddgeir Thune, Chiem Vreeken


Fragen Fragen - Questionner les questions // La vache et le commissaire

Age group: +15



Two politically-savvy young advocates Euroïne and Market are travelling across Europe from schools to schools. Their mission: to sing the praise of Europe! Is it a Europe to sell or a Europe to buy? But which Europe are we talking about exactly? Mythology, history, geography, geopolitics suddenly reveal a European identity caught between the thirst for democracy and ultraliberalism. 


Actors: Régine Westenhoeffer and Natanaël Lienhard 
Stage director: Grégoire Callies
Design: Jean-Baptiste Manessier 
Theater pedagogue: Julia Schüttke
Video images: Manuel Hauss
Sound: Thomas Fehr 
Construction: les Ateliers du Staatstheater de Karlsruhe & Éric Jolivet
Text: Grégoire Callies
Collaboration: Philippe Choulet & Kristin Marek, philosophes
Traduction: Christiane Wächter

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