ETC has been working closely with Ukraine, and the theatre scene in Ukraine, since 2014.

In 2014, in response to the emergence of military conflict in Ukraine, a delegation of Ukrainian artists was invited to ETC’s International Theatre Conference. Following discussions at the conference, and in collaboration and with the support of ETC, in 2015 the Ukrainian delegation of artists initiated the first ever Ukrainian theatre showcase. Alongside this, ETC began a programme of scholarships for professional working experiences at various ETC theatres across Europe.

Since then, 86 Ukrainian artists have been directly supported by these projects across residency placements and other opportunities. ETC has placed emphasis on establishing professionally functioning cultural structures based on democratic values and sustaining close professional and friendly ties between public and private Ukrainian theatres and partners across Europe.

Publications about this process:

  • In Focus: Ukraine (2014): Inviting a delegation of Ukrainian artists to showcase their work to 200 festival and conference partners at the ETC International Theatre Conference
    Read the publication
  • Theatre, Freedom, Dialogue. European Networking with Theatres in Ukraine and Belarus (2015): Scholarships for Ukrainian theatre makers, the Belarus Free Theatre and the Ukrainian theatre showcase
    Read the publication.
  • “Awakening” (2016): Highlighting the latest trends in theatre making in Ukraine, and details of productions created in Ukraine with the support of ETC 
    Read the publication.

Find out more about the ways ETC has been supporting the theatres and artists of Ukraine since the invasion here.

Theatre is Dialogue

ETC supports Ukraine during the brutal invasion by Russia. See current initiatives and past work from 2014 to develop the theatre sector in Ukraine

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