In the season 2023/2024, ETC will support up to four new European contemporary drama texts and their international trajectory by circulating them within its membership and financially participating in their translation into English, thus expanding its pool of interesting contemporary texts from all over Europe.

Interested ETC Member Theatres are asked to apply with one text of a contemporary author they work with and see as relevant for international audiences.

The ETC theatres whose plays will be selected will receive a grant (up to €1,500) for translation into English. They will be in charge of organising the translation into English.

The selected plays will also be integrated into the programme of an upcoming ETC International Theatre Conference in the form of participatory readings by the conference participants. 

Application guidelines

Applications are now closed. New submissions will not be considered.

The play must have already been completed but not yet translated into further languages. 
You will be asked to: 

  • send a plot summary (one page, including a presentation of the main characters) in English 
  • send a biography of the author (including a list of already published plays) 
  • explain the relevance of the play for European audiences (one page, including the main topics of the play) 
  • include a translation into English of an extract of the play (two pages max.) 
  • coordinate a Q&A meeting between the author of the play (max. 20 minutes) and the ETC Drama Committee in February 2024. 

The more attention paid to your application, the better chance the text and its context will have to be understood and seen as relevant by the Committee. Plan enough time for the application.

We recommend involving the author as much as possible.

You can download a printable version of the application form here.

Selection process

The ETC Drama Committee selects up to four plays after receiving the applications and meeting with the authors for a Q&A meeting.

The theatres will then receive a grant (up to €1,500) for translation into English.

Selection criteria

  • Thematic and artistic relevance for European audiences 
  • Need for support for the author’s career internationalisation 
  • Geographical balance 


Deadline to apply: Friday 12 January 2024

(c) Przemysław Jendroska

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