What's Up!

Slovak National Drama Theatre

22 November 2023

'What's Up,' written by Young Europe IV playwright Tereza Trusinová, will premiere at Slovak National Drama Theatre (Slovakia) on 22 November 2023.

"What are you coming up with today?" One classroom, a bus to school, a therapeutic clinic, and two teenagers. Šimon and Zoja. Classmates. Besties. Their lives. Interwoven and separate.

They have known each other for a long time. But do they know each other well? Themselves and each other? It's hard to say.

They are beginning to think that perhaps not. What happens next, and what to do about it? Every person experiences a certain identity crisis in their youth. Adolescence is a struggle, a feeling of helplessness and uncertainty about the future.

Such moments can be quick and harmless, but they can also result in deeper mental health problems. It's important not to be afraid to ask for help when needed. After all, no one is alone.

This classroom play is based on interviews with several professional capacities but also on a field survey among people aged 14-17.

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More info about 'What's Up'

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