Christa Müller performs in 'Don't put your rabbits far from the woods'

ETC Honorary Member

'Don't Put your Rabbit in the Woods' by Jörn Klare opened at tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg (Berlin) and is now available for touring.

Starring ETC honorary member Christa Müller and Anna von Schrottenberg this play tells the story of a mother, a daughter and an absent father.

When the daughter finally wants to know who her father is, her mother's memories blur, on the verge of extinction. Directed by France-Elena Damian this is a thoughtful, touching and amusing play about remembering, suppressing, about oblivion, losing oneself.

What does it mean when a person drifts away into dementia, when nothing is sure any longer – neither for the close-ones nor for him or herself. What will remain?

Yusuf Hamo

Having premiered at tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Berlin, it went on to perform at European Festival of the Night 2019 in Korpilombolo/Sveden, Zurich and Konstanz and internationally streamed performance during Berlin Science Week 2020.

In STÜCKEWERKSTATT BERLIN / PLAWORKSHOP BERLIN three theatre makers worked together for the first time: France-Elena Damian (internationally working director and part of the collective-artistic team of ‚tak‘  Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Berlin), ETC Honorary Member Christa Müller (dramaturge and actress, Ex-Managing Director of the Festival ‘Autorentheatertage‘ at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Honorary Member of the ETC) and Anna von Schrottenberg (actress, singer, theatre pedagogue, Berlin and Zurich).

You can find out more about Christa Müller's work here

The author Jörn Klare lives in Berlin and writes features, reportages (for Deutschlandfunk, Die Zeit and a number of other media) as well as non-fiction and plays. He has received numerous prizes and awards. Most discussed was his book Als meine Mutter ihre Küche nicht mehr fand. Vom Wert des Lebens mit Demenz (When my mother could no longer find her kitchen. On the value of living with dementia) published in 2012. It was the starting point for his play Du sollst den Wald nicht vor dem Hasen loben (Don’t put your rabbits far from the wood), 2015.


Yusuf Hamo

Technical requirements

 The play is designed as a mobile production for different spaces (studios, seminar rooms, large living rooms) set out for about 30 to 80 spectators, without special technical demand. 

 Playing area: at least 3 x 4 m

Technical set-up on day before performance, rehearsal on performance day 

Elementary lighting

Following props are needed:

- 2 swivel easy chairs on wheels (these can be upholstered office chairs, for example)
- 1 tea trolley on wheels
- 1 small stool
- 1 floor lamp


Fees for 3 artists (negotiable matter), travel and accommodation expenses, license fees. 


STÜCKEWERKSTATT BERLIN, Christa Müller, Winsstr. 72, 10405 Berlin

Tel. +49 179 59 230 44  -  E-Mail:

Yusuf Hamo

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