Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre 2011-2013

Young Europe 2 was an artistic education project developed under the umbrella of the European Theatre Convention with the patronage of Mrs. Doris Pack, Member of the European Parliament and President of Committee on Education and Culture of the European Parliament. 

For the second time, the ETC developped with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Commission the 2-year European artistic education project: “Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre” with the aim to establish a European multilingual drama repertoire for young people, focusing on artistic education through theatre and multilingualism in theatre. Based on the successful first project edition, which was attended from 2008–2010 by over 20,000 young people in 8 countries, Young Europe 2 took place until Autumn 2013, offering young theatre professionals and adolescents across Europe to work and create across multilingual borders.

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Eight ETC Member Theatres from seven countries (Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Norway) commissionned four new plays written with the support of young people, and produced seven new performances that were translated into eight languages to be staged and circulated in European schools and theatres. Young Europe 2 carried the ambition to further enhance the development of a European drama repertoire for young audiences, to exchange best European working practices in theatre, to provide international working opportunities for young artists and to lay the grounds for sustainable relationships between theatres and schools in complementing the artistic education curricula.


"Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre" aimed to: 

  • create artistic works in the field of drama theatre for young audiences that is representative for our European cultural shared area and will serve as reference for generations to come;
  • improve the creation conditions for European theatre work including necessary mobility schemes for theatre practitioners and artistic works enhancing the intercultural dialogue between the project participants;
  • increase the opportunities for young people to find their way into the theatre and to benefit from synergies between education and culture, the access to culture through education and the access to education through culture enriching the lives of the participants;
  • further enhance the development of a European drama repertoire for young audiences;
  • develop new playwriting models based on collective processes involving young people;
  • experiment new technologies and involve online tools to enhance the international multilingual exchange;
  • connect young people from two different countries virtually and physically to increase their intercultural competences
  • raise the awareness of and promotion of multilingualism.

Theatre Partners

  • Cyprus Theatre Organisation (Nicosie, Cyprus)
  • National Theatre of Miskolc (Miskolc, Hungary)
  • Theater an der Parkaue (Berlin, Germany)
  • Helsinki City Theatre (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Det Norske Teatret (Oslo, Norway)
  • De Toneelmakerij (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Théâtre Jeune Public/CDN D'Alsace (Strasbourg, France)
  • Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe, Germany)



Photo: Ik, Ich I, coproduction Det Norske teatret (Oslo) and De Toneelmakerij (Amsterdam) for Young Europe II ©Dag Jenssen

Young Europe

Bringing theatres across Europe together to make new plays for young people - highlighting non-dominant voices in European societies.

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