TWO. is not a solo

Het Zuidelijk Toneel/The Netherlands


After her solo performances ONE. and ALL., Lisa Verbelen will form a duo in TWO. with celebrated jazz musician Hendrik Lasure.

I read in a book
thinking is a form of feeling
and feeling is a form of thinking
I was so happy to know
there are not only two ends of the line
not only two ends of the road
that you can be both
that things can be found in between things

Starting from the theme of opposites and inspired by Taoism and hip-hop, Lisa and Hendrik are creating a music album. Together with director Suze Milius they will turn the album into a theatrical concert. 

TWO. is an exercise to reverse thinking in opposites and to experience what is in between two extremes. What happens when two people meet.

Expect a musical and theatrical concert, words and music that make you feel and think, both hard and soft, both dark and light, with smoke and fire, water in the desert, not ugly nor beautiful, all yin and yang, about you and me.

Photo credit: (c) Jan Rymenants

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