Det Norske Teatret

8 & 9 September 2023

Homeless and sleep-deprived, the heavily pregnant Alida and her father Asle wander around the rainy Bjørgvin. They have had to leave their home village, and now the time has come for her to give birth, but no one will give them a house. In desperation, the young couple resort to drastic solutions, for which they are later held responsible.

In director Luk Perceval's dramatization of the 'Trilogy,' Ales, Alida's daughter and the main character in the last novel, Kveldsvævd, has become a recurring character. Ales unravels the story of Alida and Asle and tries to put together the puzzle pieces from her own life and the life that was lived before she was born.

As part of The International Waterfall Festival.

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Photo credit: Erik Berg

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