The Warrior, the Amazon, the Spirit of Poetry in the Immortal Verse of Foscolo

Fondazione Teatro Due

06 - 17 December 2023

This year to honour the 50th anniversary of the death of Carlo Emilio Gadda, Teatro Due is dedicating a show to the Engineer of Italian literature.

It is Friday 5 December 1958 when Radio 3 broadcasts, for the first time, an unprecedented little jewel of political-cultural satire: THE WARRIOR, THE AMAZON, THE SPIRIT OF POETRY IN THE IMMORTAL VERSE OF FOSCOLO by Carlo Emilio Gadda. Sixty-five years after that first broadcast, the text will be performed on stage this time by Davide Gagliardini, Massimiliano Sbarsi and Francesca Tripaldi, directed by Giacomo Giuntini and produced by Fondazione Teatro Due, where it debuts as a national premiere on 6 December 2023 at 8.30 pm (with repeat performances until 19 December).

Donna Quirina Frinelli's living room is the setting for a "three-way conversation" between the landlady, a professor and a lawyer, in which History, Poetry and Civil Commitment are the subjects of a verbal skirmish expertly orchestrated by the author. This hilarious radio drama - a unicum within the author's literary production - lashes out against the narcissistic exhibitionism of a vacuous culture subservient to the established order.

To enrich the vision of the show, the exhibition NAPOLEON UBICUMQUE FELIX ("Napoleon is happy everywhere", which was the motto of the now-former Emperor, stationed on the Island of Elba), shows nineteenth-century satirical and caricatural depictions of Bonaparte, will be hosted at Teatro Due thanks to a collaboration with the Glauco Lombardi Museum in Parma.


'The Warrior, the Amazon, the Spirit of Poetry in the Immortal Verse of Foscolo '
by Carlo Emilio Gadda
with Davide Gagliardini, Massimiliano Sbarsi, Francesca Tripaldi
directed by Giacomo Giuntini
Fondazione Teatro Due Foundation production

Teatro Due, Parma
December 6, 2023 (reruns until 19 December 2023)

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Photo: Andrea Morgillo

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