The Golden Pot

Theater und Orchester Heidelberg

6 April - 21 June 2023

Anselmus is an ill-fated student. Having kicked over a market trader's fruit basket, he has to give up the little money he had had to fritter away during the holiday. A mysterious, fantastical world opens up behind the facade of everyday life, and Anselmus is about to be drawn in. Suddenly the market trader appears to be a witch, the archivist Lindhorst turns into a lizard and his daughter Serpentina becomes a green-golden snake. Fairy tale parallel world or sick delusion? Anselmus is facing two incompatible life designs. One day, he will have to decide.

Catch ‘The Golden Pot,’ a modern fairy tale at Theater Heidelberg between 6 April – 21 June.

Photo: Susanne Reichardt

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