The Bell

National Theatre Ivan Vazov

07 July 2023

'The Bell' is a solo performance by Deyan Donkov based on the novel of the same name by Nedyalko Slavov. It is a tragic story about the complicated path of an ex-convict, who was sentenced for two murders. A confession about the hero's catharsis and spiritual enlightenment, about the light and strength that love and faith give him.

'The Bell' is a performance that shakes the viewers emotionally and uplifts them spiritually, taking them out of the comfort of an observer and engaging them in intense passions with evocative pictures of life's grounding reality. The stage action grabs us with the powerful energy of Deyan Donkov's total embodiment as an actor.

An actor with an unparalleled stage and screen presence, Deyan Donkov reveals his ever-searching creative nature with his courage to choose a complex subject, far from the realm of commercial entertainment. His penchant for experimentation leads to the singular, cinematic impact of the performance.

“My aim with this mystical, fantastic, partly comic, beautifully poetic, even epic, utterly dramatic and tragic story is to travel the long and painful road to the human heart”. – D. Donkov

'The Bell' is a theatrical event we perceive with our senses and emotions.

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Photo: Stefan N. Shterev

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