Strange Things

Young Europe III

Slovak National Drama Theatre 10 October 2019

As part of Young Europe III, Slovak National Drama Theatre in Bratislava (Slovakia) collaborated with the theatres Pesti Magyar Szinház in Budapest (Hungary) and Badisches Staatstheater in Karlsruhe (Germany). The three theatres explored the perspective contemporary youth take on their three countries. Each theatre created a play and stages a production inspired by the youth contemplating their identity and future. The three plays are thus linked by a common theme and an inimitable world. See details of the other two performances in this collaboration on our Performances page

Strange Things

A play for youth by a Slovak author, about what we do and don’t find strange.

The Slovak part of the project, the play Strange Things comes from Alexandra Salmela, Slovak author based in Finland. It is a story of the journey of young male and female characters with all challenges, anxieties, fears, indecisiveness, and adrenaline that make up an adventurous quest for the rescue of the world and, possibly, a net as well. For the play Strange Things portrays a world after a catastrophe when only one thing is clear: all adults have disappeared. Sources no longer work, and it seems that the internet is about to stop working, too. How can the young people manage in the new context and what world will they create? Where will they look for their families and friends? How will they save the net? Strange Things is a witty encounter with what we find alien and what we (like to) fear.

Performance dates

  • Premiere: The Blue Salon, Slovak National Drama Theatre – 10 & 11 October 2019
  • Young Europe Festival, Graz/Austria - June 2020




Directed by: Júlia Rázusová

Set and costumes design: Diana Strauszová

Music: Pjoni (Jonatán Pastirčák)

Dramaturgy: Miriam Kičiňová

Cast: Braňo Mosný, Monika Potokárová

Audience: The production is complemented with a learning programme designated for high schools and pupils in upper years of elementary school. 

This performance is part of Young Europe III - ETC’s artistic collaboration project which focuses on theatre as a place of identification for young people in Europe. Learn about all of the Young Europe III productions on our Performances page.



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