Shatter this Rock

Dakh Theatre - Centre of Contemporary Art

11 April 2024

Freak-cabaret Dakh Daughters will open the festival at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus, and present the new programme “Shatter this rock”.

This performance reflects on standing up and being dedicated to one's work despite exhaustion, fatigue, and losing one's loved ones.

Since their legendary appearance at the Euromaidan, the music and performance group Dakh Daughters has become a cult not only in Ukraine with their virtuoso cross-genre compositions between ethno, punk, cabaret and vaudeville. At the opening of the festival they will perform a brand new musical work of art with light effects and video projections in Düsseldorf. In their music, the artists talk about the fates of their compatriots and warn us not to lose sight of this war.

Founded in 2012 by Vlad Troitskyi, the Dakh Daughters collective is an intellectual freak cabaret. Seven women, different musical instruments and an incredible mix of music and performance – that is Dakh Daughters. The actresses are considered one of Ukraine's most unusual, provocative and electrifying acts.

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The documentary-musical performance “Mother's Heart” will be performed twice during the festival. The co-production of Dakh/Gogolfest and Schauspielkollektiv – Neues Schauspiel Lüneburg continues to voice the pain of Ukrainian families who lose their sons and daughters in the brutal Russian-Ukrainian war.

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Photo: (c) Oleksandr Kosmach

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