Today’s Youth at the Heart of the New Season

Staatstheater Braunschweig

Season 2019/2020

The Staatstheater Braunschweig is an urban modern city theatre presenting over 35 opening evenings under the 5 performing departments including, opera, drama, dance, youth theatre and orchestra.

The youth theatre works intensely in co- operation with the other remaining theatre departments.

As part of the search process for new acting methods and technical developments, the theatre will perform in the season 2019/20 pieces such as Democrisis in cooperation with the Theater of Magdeburg and the Nationaltheatre »K«, Craiova, Rumania. As a gameplay, the piece explores democratic structures under the influence of actual right-wing populism. Another experimental production will be »Fake Voices«, where classical and electronic music influences merge together.

In the upcoming season beginning in august 2019, the youth and dance department together will focus on presenting dance productions under the label »tanz Jung« that are based on themes and topics that are important for the youth of today. Dance has its own language expressed through the body, and therefore is an experience open to a wider audience, not only those who understand the German language.



©Bettina Stoess

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