Lupus in Fabula

Performance Exchange 2016

Lupus in Fabula
by Henriette Dushe

Performance Exchange supported by ETC
Produced by: Schauspielhaus Graz

Lupus in Fabula tells the story of three sisters returning after a long time home to their dying father.

Every sister has her own way of dealing with the situation but all of them are struggling with the same confrontation of death. Together they try to create from nothing in all this absence and isolation new images, new forms and new plays out of old common memories.

The language reinvents itself in continuous transformation, it breathes in and out, stops, and disperses in illusions. Who is speaking: three sisters or Tick, Trick and Track or three wolves?

This production was shown at Theater und Orchester Heidelberg. The production is available for touring.

Performance Exchange

Funding for Member Theatres to bring a guest performance from another ETC Member Theatre to their house.

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