Little Women

Slovak National Drama Theatre

10 June 2023

The famous novel by Louisa May Alcott will come to life for the first time on the stage of the Drama Company of Slovak National Theatre.

Four sisters live their day-to-day lives while their father is fighting. They are fortunate to be brought up and guided by, at the time, a very open-minded, free-spirited mother. She inspires her daughters to be curious, observes their awakening femininity, encourages social empathy and cultivates their relationships with each other.

Girls of different temperaments and talents discover their individualities and the limits of social conventions and expectations. Their childhood, adolescence and adulthood have unique romantic charm, secrets and first sorrows and disappointments.

In his dramatisation, the director Amsler brings the iconic work to life with a modern aesthetic and imagery. By producing this title, we intend to make a non-violent appeal to ethical values such as decency, empathy, friendship, humility and strong family ties. The secrets of the sympathetic heroines and heroes and the overflowing chaos of the first touch of love are equally important ingredients of Little Women.

In an uncertain and rapidly changing world, it seems fitting to be reminded of the values and beauty of life, even if it is not always an idyll.

This production, directed by the outstanding, talented and experienced director Marián Amsler, is important because, among other things, it has the potential to show the next generation the value of family, friendship, forgiveness and living in truth and love through the intergenerational perspective of women.

In the adaptation of the inspirational novel, the excellent acting performances will resonate not only with the female leads. A valuable part of the theatre's repertoire, both artistically and in terms of its content.

Dramatisation and directed by Marián Amsler

Dramaturgy Darina Abrahámová

Set design Juraj Kuchárek

Costumes Marija Havran

Music Ivan Acher

Choreography Assistance Stanislava Vlčeková


Jo: Barbora Andrešičová

Meg: Petra Vajdová

Beth: Annamária Janeková (as a guest)

Amy: Jana Kovalčiková

Mother: Jana Oľhová

Father: Ján Gallovič

Laurie: Richard Autner

John Brook: Jakub Rybárik

Frederik Bhaer: Dávid Uzsák (as a guest)

Mr Laurence: Martin Huba

Aunt March: Božidara Turzonovová

Hannah: Zuzana Kocúriková

Photo: Jakub Gulyas

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