Forum Sans Transition

Théâtre de Liège/Belgium

In line with the climate movements that have emerged around the world since 2017 under the banner "We Claim the Climate!", we, universities theatres, artists, researchers are now saying: "We Claim the Stages!"

Théâtre de Liège is the initiator of an ambitious of an ambitious and pioneering project for sustainability called STAGES - Sustainable Theatre
Alliance for a Green Environmental Shift, supported by the European Commission's Creative Europe programme and supported by a network of European and international theatres and partners*.

The theatre has now teamed up with the University of Liege for a two-year programme: 2030: what if... we imagined our territory sustainable! As part of this, from 6 - 26 November 2022 the partners are organising Forum Sans Transition, which brings together students and citizens for a selection of shows, concerts and exhibitions inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and that attempt to respond to ecological, social and economic challenges.

There will also be conferences and spaces for debate and exchange between scientists, artists and the public, in order to set up concrete transition actions and imagine desirable futures in a changing society.

To quote Ailton Krenak, Brazilian writer, journalist, philosopher and indigenous movement leader, "Let us develop our strengths to always tell another story, one more story, and then perhaps we will postpone the end of the world."

Includes the performances and events:

  • A Play for the Living in a Time of Extinction, by Miranda Rose Hall, with the concept created by Katie Mitchell for the STAGES project. Collectif Mensuel has staged this at Theatre de Liege.
  • Sauvages (Savages), a staged reading. This theatre text by writer Alex Lorette was created for the ETC project Pipelines, about the drama created by fossil fuels in Belgium - and specifically the mechanisms of oppression put in place to silence social or ecological concerns to pipelines
  • Conference with Olivier de Schutter, The 17 Sustainable Development Goals. De Schutter is the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, and member of Belgium's committee on an ecological transition

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