Radar Ost 2023

Deutsches Theater Berlin

ETC is delighted to partner with Deutsches Theater Berlin for their Radar Ost Festival 2023.

The festival will take place from 8 - 12 March 2023 and present work from ETC Member Theatres Left Bank Theatre, Belarus Free Theatre, and Dakh Theatre.

ETC will also take place in a panel discussion.


Special invite for ETC Member Theatres

Birgit Lengers, organiser of the festival, has sent a special invite to ETC Member Theatres, including funding for one hotel night during the festival for up to 10 ETC colleagues.

In a few days, it will be the anniversary of the beginning of Russia's great scale war on Ukraine, and there is no end in sight. A lot has happened in the meantime: Many solidarity events, projects, residencies and cooperations have taken place. It is time to share: What experiences have been made and what challenges have been overcome? What has succeeded, what has failed? But most importantly, where do we go from here? What can be consolidated or reinvented and what does the theatre need to do so?

I would like to cordially invite you to a collegial brunch at the Deutsches Theater Berlin on Sunday, 12 March from 11 a.m. as part of the international theatre festival RADAR OST, where we will share our experiences in transcultural cooperation with Ukrainian and Belarusian artists. The aim is an informal and collegial exchange with impulses and table discussions. The event will take place together with the Goethe Institute in Exile, the ETC, the German Stage Association (Deutscher Bühnenverein) and ITI Germany.

Of course, I cordially invite you to this fifth edition of RADAR OST, the last edition of the festival under the directorship of Ulrich Khuon and my artistic direction. A diverse program will be presented by and with fantastic artists from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Slovenia: with a world premiere, three German premieres, two Berlin premieres and many special events, such as a long reading night [ALP]TRAUM EUROPA from 23.00 until sunrise, concerts and the exhibition THE POWER OF MEMES. Top-class international productions, inspiring encounters and theatrical border-crossings await you. Take a look at our program to find out more!

In order to be able to plan the event well, please send us a short RSVP to by 1 March and let us know your name and the number of people.

Here is a description from the Deutsches Theater Berlin website:

Can art tell of war? How prophetic, distanced, entertaining or helpless is theatre in times of war? Politicians speak of an "epochal break" and a "turning point". The fifth edition of Radar Ost - one year after 24 February 2022 - responds to this war in the middle of Europe, which is also a cultural one, with co-productions, world premieres, guest performances, readings, concerts, among others from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Slovenia.

Since 2018, the international Radar Ost festival has held up a mirror to political and artistic developments in our neighbouring countries to the east. When the festival was founded – a generation after 1989 – the intention was to provide an artistic reflection on the region’s major social upheavals. Above and beyond the scope of the festival, we have gone on to develop and deepen working relationships with directors from Georgia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Russia. These collaborations have changed and broadened our view of the connections and fault lines between East and West. When borders and theatres were closed in 2020 during the pandemic, transnational collaboration became an even greater priority than curating plays.

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