Huge Success for Counting Sheep – Staging a Revolution

Belarus Free Theatre

March 2019

A 5-star hit with the critics, Counting Sheep – Staging a Revolution has now finished its nearly 2-month run as the headline show at the Vault’s Festival, London (United Kingdom). Based on Canadian/Ukrainian couple Mark and Marichka Marczyks' first hand experiences during the 2014 Kiev Uprising and first performed as a ‘Guerrilla Folk Opera’ at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016, this completely new immersive version by Belarus Free Theatre has taken London by storm.

"Immersive theatre at its finest."

Theatre Weekly


"A sweepingly powerful, poetic journey that will leave the most cynical in awe of the power and strength of people to collaborate and fight for what they believe in."

The British Theatre Guide


"An incredible piece of theatre, underpinned by phenomenal artistic and creative direction."

A Younger Theatre


"Propulsive and kinetic… Probably more effective in making its audience think about the ongoing situation in Ukraine than any news report."

The Stage


As ‘protesters’ against the Ukraine President’s decision to turn away from a deeper relationship with Europe, the ‘audience’ were invited to experience the almost carnival-like atmosphere of the Maidan with folk-singing, dancing, eating, etc. before getting caught up on the barricades when events escalate into violence and tragedy. Playing in London at a time when the UK is embroiled in a chaotic struggle (not) to exit the European Union, this piece was Belarus Free Theatre’s theatrical appeal to our adopted home of the necessity to resist shady efforts of foreign dictators to destabilise our democratic systems.  




© Vault Festival/Belarus Free Theatre

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