Corps de Textes 2024 - Literature Festival

Théâtre de Liège

16 - 20 April 2024

As spring begins, Théâtre de Liège presents the 2024 edition of the Corps de Textes festival.

For one week, directors and actors will hand over the stage to writers - both local and from abroad - who will recite, sing and even whisper the words they have written.

Performances, musical and immersive readings, debates, meetings and poetic concerts will follow one another in celebration of the French language and the boundless inventiveness of artists in distorting, altering and twisting it, the better to extract all the poetry it contains.

The programme includes works by Belgian national poet Lisette Lombé, internationally acclaimed Franco-Cameroonian author Leonora Miano, Milo Rau and Edouard Louis, and a focus on contemporary Quebec literature.

Photo: Pierre Jacquin

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