Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

29 April 2023

Irresistible desire sounds tempting, addictive pressure rather deterrent. Both are paraphrases of the English expression "craving", which describes the desire for a substance or an activity in the case of addiction, but which has long been used to express the desire for a piece of chocolate.

As part of a special cooperation between the prevention office SUCHT of the city of Karlsruhe, the addiction counselling centre AGJ Ettlingen, the district office of Karlsruhe subject area addiction prevention and the YOUNG STAATSTHEATER, the award-winning playwright Daniel Ratthei writes a play, '#CONSTANTCRAVING', about what addiction means. Ratthei specialises in gripping youth plays in which he encounters complex themes with empathy and humour.

Directed by Janina Haring, who has already proven her talent for enchanting the audience with simple means in her debut production of Peter Pan, a haunting evening of theatre will be created that offers plenty to talk about.

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