Theater und Orchester Heidelberg

17, 19, 28 September 2023

The war over Thebes is over. The lifeless bodies of Eteocles and Polynices, sons of Oedipus, lie before the gates of the city.

Because neither one would grant the other the throne, they lead a fierce battle at the end of which they struck each other dead. The new ruler over Thebes is Creon.

Her first act is to decree that Eteocles shall be buried as a hero while Polynices shall be left to rot without burial. Anyone who violates this decree will face the death penalty.

Antigone, daughter of Oedipus, is unwilling to accept the fate of Polynices. She is the one to defy the decree of Creon, jeopardising her own life. 

This new interpretation of the antique classic centres around Creon, Antigone and Ismene, all played by women. That poses the questions of rationality versus emotionality, responsibility, morals and power.

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