2170 – What Will the City Have Been in Which We Will Have Lived?

Theater Dortmund/Germany

Season 2020/2021

Julia Wissert’s debut puts Dortmund at its centre. How will we remember Dortmund in the future? What traces of history can be found under the pavement and what memories will we take with us into the future? Most importantly: How do we write history? What voices can we make heard and how can we write a different story in the future? With these questions in mind, we invited five authors to Dortmund who created their own exciting places and stories. Akın Emanuel Şipal founded a new republic of poets and thinkers who inscribe the stories of their origins into their future. Ivana Sajko wrote about her arrival there and her hope for a future that is better than the present. In Karosh Taha’s text, we are transported to Kielstrasse and hear stories from the future and the past of a special building in that street. Sivan Ben Yishai recalled the destruction of the Old Synagogue at its former site, which is the forecourt of the opera house today. Finally, Luna Ali created a connection between the places with her text. And none other than the mythological phoenix, which stands for eternal return and change, guides the audience through Dortmund.


©Birgit Hupfeld

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