700+ Resources on Theatre, Coronavirus & Mobility

Marie Le Sourd 04 June 2020

A few words of guidance into the numerous resources related to the coronavirus with a particular 'theatre' focus:

On the Move, the cultural mobility information network, started from 14 March 2020, a web resource with the network Circostrada on the coronavirus pandemic and its impacts on arts, culture and cultural mobility. The multiple webpages now enclose more than 700 resources as a way not to create new forms of knowledge but more to signpost relevant information for the sector in Europe and internationally.

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A few tips to go through the latest updates:






The section 5 lists organisations that monitor public and/or private funders that are either related to amended existing schemes and emergency/solidarity funding schemes for the sector (such as BYP group, IFACCA, compendium of cultural policies etc.). Additional sources of information are added per country when available.

The section 7 adds on this section while providing information resources that are regularly updated to advise the sector on new administrative and legal regulations, support schemes... as well as in introduction, some reports of the coronavirus's impacts per sector.


Unlocking Venues/Audiences

The section 12 is the newest addition to this multi-webpage with information in Europe and internationally on measures related to venues (including theatres) and their unlocking processes. (Good) practices are also shared and new initiatives between venues (including theatres) are highlighted. Some data on audiences returning to venues/projects are also included when available. The focus is more European with some examples and references from Asian countries, Australia and the USA.


Food for Thought

A lot of articles are shared on the 'after pandemic' period and its consequences in the section 11 and the section 5 including these two very popular articles: What could socially distanced theatre look like? and What socially distanced live performance might look like.

Last but not least, the way towards more support to the arts and cultural sector in Europe is far from being ensured particularly through the Creative Europe programme and the next Generation EU initiative. You can support and share the latest actions by Culture Action Europe, also included in our section 4 focused on statements and calls for actions by networks and federations in Europe and internationally. 

Prepared by Marie Le Sourd from On the Move (contact for questions:

On the Move is currently working on a process to #rethinkmobility particularly through the short and long term changes affecting existing mobility funding schemes and via  the adaptation of mentoring programmes targeted at companies, groups, collectives and artists in various disciplines. 

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Prior to the ETC International Theatre Conference on 10 to 12 June, ETC and its members have prepared readings and videos to inspire and spark the participants' thoughts on the topic of "Reopening European Theatres".


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