Timon von Athen

Theater Magdeburg

13 June 2024

Timon is a rich and respected citizen of Athens. His parties are lavish and his hospitality is well known. He is a friend and patron to musicians and painters, poets and ordinary citizens alike. His wealth seems boundless, but his generosity certainly is. The warnings of his steward cannot dampen Timon's generosity and when the day comes and his resources are exhausted, he cheerfully sends for those whom he once helped out of their misery. But not one of them is prepared to return the favour. Driven by endless disappointment, he invites them to a final feast - and settles his accounts.

From now on, Timon lives in the woods outside Athens, feeding on roots and animals until, by chance or fate, he finds a treasure of gold of immeasurable size. Consumed by hatred and vengeance, Timon offers his wealth to all those who help to destroy Athens.

With Timon of Athens, Andreas Kriegenburg, one of the most important directors of our time, returns to the theatre of his hometown Magdeburg after many years.

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Cover photo: (c) Katrin Ribbe

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