Montenegrin National Theatre Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

Montenegrin National Theatre


The Montenegrin National Theatre is celebrating its 70th year of existing and creating works of art. To celebrate this milestone of achievement, the Theatre has prepared multiple plays with leading directors, actors, and production teams.

One of the plays is “The Ibsen Machine", based on the plays "Pillars of Society", "Heda Gabler", "Nora" and "The Enemy of the People" by Henrik Ibsen. Directed by Ana Vukotić, the premiere was on the 28th of April, on the Great Stage of the Montenegrin National Theater.

The play explores the different themes of Ibsen’s plays. "The pillars of society” are based on false morality and the desire for profit, the greed for power that is present in our country, because it ensures profit at the expense of the social community.

The motifs of “Nora” are there because they provide an excellent opportunity in such a contemporary interpretation to further discuss emancipation and women's rights, and for the same reason motifs from “Heda Gabler” are also included there. “The Enemy of the People” is something that really concerns us, its motive is us, the silent majority who allow what we all know is happening to happen.

The actors that brought to life the characters are Simo Tebješanin, Jelena Minić, Žana Gardašević-Bulatović, Miloš Pejović, Ana Vujošević , Aleksandar Gavranić, Luka Stanković (3rd year student of the Acting study program of FDU Cetinje in the class of Prof. Branislav Mićunović), Radmila Škuletić (student of the second year of the study program Acting FDU Cetinje in the class of associate professor Branko Ilić), Lazar Đurđević, Jovan Dabović and Ana Vučković.

The production team consisted of Anka Katušić-Balen, as the translator of the text, adaptation, and dramaturgy by Željka Udovičić-Pleština, and language adaptation by Ana Vukotić. Set designer and poster concept designer by Vanja Magić, costume designer Lina Leković, stage movement and choreography by Sonja Vukićević, and lighting design by Vanja Magić and Ana Vukotić.

The director's assistant is Nataša Milićević, the costume designer's assistant is Mia Đurović, and the executive producer is Janja Ražnatović.

By the end of May, The National Theatre is bringing its 70th jubilee season to an end with the realization of the sixth premiere of the “The Ibsen Machine” play.

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