Launch of the 2024/2025 Atto unico Season

Teatro Stabile di Torino - National Theatre


"Art, good art, wonderfully combines the absolutely unique with the universal. It allows us to understand what is different—what is foreign, one might say—as universal. In doing so, art transcends the boundaries between languages, geographical regions, and countries, bringing together not only the individual qualities of each person but also, in another sense, the individual characteristics of each group of people, for example, each nation. (...) War and art are opposites, just as war and peace are. It is simply so. Art is peace."

Jon Fosse, from the Message for World Theatre Day 2024

Inspired by this message from the Norwegian author awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2023, the title of the Teatro Stabile di Torino's 2024/2025 Season, Atto unico, aims to express, in resonance with Fosse, the necessity and urgency of foregrounding diversity and divergences, allowing them to coexist in a single space.

This idea is reflected in the chorus of perspectives and voices that comprise the new team of associated and resident artists at the Teatro Stabile. While continuity is found in the confirmation by the new Board of Directors of Valerio Binasco as Artistic Director until December 2027, the team is also renewed. Over the next three years, Leonardo Lidi will assume the role of resident director and Director of the School for Actors, which will begin a new three-year training cycle this Season. Joining Kriszta Székely as associated artists will be Liv Ferracchiati and Silvia Gribaudi. The works of this artistic team will be at the heart of the 2024/2025 Season's production project, which will consist of 85 titles scheduled both on-site and on tour, including 24 productions and co-productions, with 12 national premieres, 46 guest performances, and 15 shows for the Torinodanza Festival. Dance will be even more present in the 2024/2025 Season, surpassing the usual boundaries of the Torinodanza Festival lineup, which will continue to be directed by Anna Cremonini until 2027, with four events within the prose programming. This path, titled Torinodanza EXTRA, enriches the Stabile's international offerings and strengthens its positioning in Europe.

Torinodanza EXTRA will begin on November 28 with the national premiere of Taverna Miresia by Mario Banushi, followed by Coup Fatal by Alain Platel on March 13, Suspended Chorus by Silvia Gribaudi on May 17, and Works and Days by the Belgian collective FC Bergman on June 3.

These are among the main artistic innovations of the 2024/2025 Season of the Teatro Stabile di Torino, which aims to be a space of freedom and coexistence among different styles, thoughts, disciplines, and visions. Atto unico is a singular title that speaks of plurality, dialogue, listening, and contamination between arts and languages, of the confrontation between different experiences and generations: the only possible condition for art, declares President Alessandro Bianchi.

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