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By Young Europe IV playwright Zoe Apostolidou Friday 19 April 2024


Friday 19 April 2024, 15:00 - 17:00

Frixos has been dealing with pressure in school and at home because of his weight, often hides behind screens to make friends, has to deal with his mom’s incessant comments and attempts to make him thin, and sometimes avoids going to places or doing things. He feels fine with himself, and his health is good, but this doesn’t seem to matter to others, who only see a fat person in him, with all the prejudices this entails (him being lazy, of bad health, disorganised etc.). What will this lead to?

Written by Zoe Apostolidou
Directed by Elena Sokratous
Dramaturgy: Marina Maleni & Kiki Argyrou
Mentors: Mohammad Al Attar

Recommended for ages 12-18

Young Europe

Bringing theatres across Europe together to make new plays for young people - highlighting non-dominant voices in European societies.

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