Montenegrin National Theatre


Rehearsals for the play "671-Hunt", based on the text written and directed by Ms Hana Rastoder, are underway at the Montenegrin National Theatre.

The play was inspired by the Štrpci atrocity, committed on February 27, 1993, i.e., the kidnapping of twenty civilian passengers from the 671 train.

The roles will be played by: Dejan Ivanić, Tihana Ćulafić, Milica Šćepanović, Jovana Brnović, Ognjen Sekulić and Kristijan Blečić.

According to the author Rastoder, the plot follows the drama of a family traumatized by the loss of one of its members, i.e., the repercussions of the social crisis on one of its constituent units – the family.

“Overnight, the family found themselves without social support, in the dark, without answers to questions about the fate of abductees, amidst dissolution of their former homeland, Yugoslavia. The more the government remains mute and deaf to the questions that the family asks, the more the family, due to the hopes that were let down, becomes increasingly resentful of the society – primarily of the government, but also of members of other nationalities, their fellow citizens, neighbours, etc. The family lives in fear, its everyday life is coloured by a feeling of constant threat, and this, paradoxically, feeds individual destructiveness and ultimately leads to the disintegration of the family, leaving traces of lifelong traumas that will unknowingly be passed on to their children," director Hana Rastoder pointed out.

The creative team of the play consists of: Ivanka Vana Prelević, set designer, Mia Đurović, costume designer, Enes Tahirović, composer, Nataša Milićević, assistant director and Danilo Milatović, executive producer.

The play "671-Hunt" by the author Hana Rastoder will also be her final exam at the theatre directing master's studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, in the class of prof. Radmila Vojvodić, and it will be premiered at the end of December of this year at the MNT's Studio Stage.

Source: MNT / photo: Krsto Vulović / translation: Aleksandar Šupeljak

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