Teatru Malta

Malta / Valletta

Teatru Malta is Malta’s first National Theatre without walls. No walls you ask? We’ll explain.

No walls means no limitations to create theatre that has its finger on its audience’s pulse.
We want to be groundbreaking and relevant.
We want to make theatre you remember. No walls means more freedom to create work you want to see.
We believe there is more than one audience out there, so we’re creating work for everyone. Work that makes your heart beat. No walls means Malta and Gozo are our stage.
We want to take you to the places you’re familiar with, but also to places you’ve never been to. Somewhere far, far away.

No walls means we work with everyone; creatives, professionals, amateurs and everyone who thinks theatre can make us better.
No walls means you’re always invited.

©Lindsey Bahia


c/o Arts Council Malta

+35 621 220 255

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