Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Portugal / Lisbon

The Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (TNDM II) first opened its doors in April 1846, on the occasion of the celebration of the 27th anniversary of Queen Maria II (1819-1853), being this the main reason for the official name of the theatre. The theatre was founded by one of the most important Portuguese playwrights and intellectuals, Almeida Garrett.

In 1964, TNDM II was the stage of a raging fire that destroyed the whole building, with the exception of its external walls and main entrance. The building we know nowadays, which preserves the original neoclassical style, was totally reconstructed and reopened only in 1978. Located in Rossio, in the center of Lisbon, the theatre was classified as a national monument in 2012. Today, TNDM II is one of the main Portuguese theatres. Considering the importance of theatre in society, TNDM II has as a priority to open the theatre to the community, attracting and forming new audiences, bringing to all layers of the population cultural and artistic activities that raise their standards of aesthetic and critical requirements. Since 2015, Tiago Rodrigues is the Artistic Director of TNDM II.

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Praça D. Pedro IV

+35 121 325 08 00

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