Ravenna Teatro-Centro di Produzione

Italy / Ravenna

Ravenna Teatro is a centre for theatrical creation, established in 1991 as an emanation of the poetics of its founding artists, Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari.
Based on the concepts underlying the company’s productions – the actor, dramaturgy, the alchemy of stage languages, the notion of the “many” – and combining an ethical need to be rooted in the polis with an international scope, Ravenna Teatro produces theatrical, cinematographic, musical and editorial creations. It furthermore curates programmes, engages in pedagogical practices such as the non-school (theatrical-pedagogical practice which has become a point of reference in Italy and abroad), and hosts artistic residencies, seminars and courses, along with theatre education activities, in a network with partners nationwide.
The centre distributes its activities among three directly managed spaces – the Teatro Rasi (formerly a church and dating to the 14th century), Palazzo Malagola (an 18th-century building) and the Vulkano workshop-atelier. It is also active at the Teatro Alighieri and other venues, carrying out an original practice of theatrical “cultivation” in the city.


Via di Roma, 39

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