Lesia Ukrainka Theatre

Ukraine / Lviv

Lesia Ukrainka Lviv Academic Dramatic Theatre (short - Lesia Ukrainka Theatre) used to be a former military theatre with a controversial history.

Today, Lesia Urainka Theatre is represented by a team of young, ambitious, courageous artists, and theatre managers — bright individuals regardless of gender who are convinced that there is a place for everyone in the theatre.

Our repertoire and project work aim to create and implement interdisciplinary projects, promote modern Ukrainian drama and affirm the value of democratic, transparent practices of managing a state cultural institution.

With a long-term experience of work in the non-government sector behind, we are working on developing a new management model for a state cultural institution.
We fight stereotypes, spread the values of human rights, and reflect on war through our work which is always based on the transparency of processes and culture of support.

In our projects and performances, we work with different forms and topics, because it is important for us to create art based on values.

Our team consists of 65 people. The total area of the premises within the theatre building is 4,500 square meters. There are 2 stages - the Main Stage (300 seats) and the Small Stage (up to 80 seats) in the theatre building.


Horodotska, 36

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