Het Zuidelijk Toneel

The Netherlands / Tilburg

Het Zuidelijk Toneel (HZT) creates theatre. Artistic Director Piet Menu, co-artistic director Sarah Moermans and Head of education Ilrish Kensenhuis are the artistic team. Together with a diverse group of theater makers from the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) they have built an open, engaging and multifaceted theater company.

HZT is a company that bases its work for a period of 4 years (during the so called 'Arts Plan') along the lines of themes. These themes have been chosen by our stakeholders, our audience and our peers. Its makers are thus bound by an inherent drive to enter into dialogue with the audience. Challenging, evocative. Our work takes place in the real world, and the real world is part of our art making process. Our central focuspoint from which we act: connection to The Other and how we see ourselves within that reflection.

HZT has been based in Tilburg since 2010 and is a national theatre company with a focus on the Brabant Region of the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium).

For HZT it is important to meet other cultural entrepeneurs in order for us to reflect, to exchange experiences and new ideas, and to continuously develop the company, its staff and its creators. Our main goal is to meet our audience in theatrical meetings in which we can use story telling / theatre to reflect upon ourselves as individuals, as a group, as participants in society.


Ringbaan Oost 8-15
5013 CA
The Netherlands

+31 (0)13 33 44 500

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