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The ETC Theatre Green Book

ETC's Sustainable Action Code for Theatres foresees for the network and its members to become climate-neutral by 2030. How do we get there?

The ETC Theatre Green Book (ETC TGB) is a tool to encourage each of our members to no longer wait and take necessary steps to transform theatre making, operating and addressing the maintenance of the buildings. It is currently in development and will be released in 2024.

In order to have a shared assessment tool to measure progress on sustainable transformation in theatres in Europe, the Theatre Green Book is currently being adapted to international and national theatre structures, with the help of many partners — including ETC — feeding into this development.

The new procedures set out in the ETC Theatre Green Book include a self-certification process to energise both the public and policymakers about how much progress has been made on sustainability in their organisations. Four classifications are available: Preliminary, Baseline, Intermediate, and Advanced (equivalent to net-zero).

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The Focus Group

Meet the ETC Theatre Green Book Focus Group!

The ETC Theatre Green Book is being trialled in the 2023/24 season by a ‘Focus Group’ of 10 ETC theatres, who aim to reach Baseline standard by summer 2024. Their real-time thoughts and reflections will be shared with the network, as an invaluable resource in ETC’s ongoing sustainability programme and in the work to become climate-neutral theatres by 2030.

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ETC Theatre Green Book Webinars

In this three-fold webinar series, experts Paddy Dillon and Lisa Burger from Renew Culture offer a hands-on introduction to the ETC Theatre Green Book.

You can watch the recordings in our Online Library (ETC Members only):


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