3rd Connected Audience Conference


04 to 06 April 2019

Emotions are core aspects of human behaviour which have an impact on learning and the development of memories. They are influenced by social factors and can help shape connections which are hugely important for cultural institutions and their audience development activities.

The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin KulturAgenda - Institute for Museums, Cultural Enterprises and Audiences, The Institute for Learning Innovation and together present a conference exploring the newest research in human emotions and the role they play in museum and cultural experiences.

In collaboration with NEMO, the network of European Museum Organisations, ETC will be represented by its member Deutsches Theater Berlin for a workshop entitled "Theatre – more than a stage":

Actors are playing and the audience is consuming? Wrong! It is a mutual relation between stage and spectators. But around the show how can theatre create an emotional connection to the audience? And how can it manage to become a place of encouter that goes beyond the visit of a performance?

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