Teatro Stabile di Genova

Italy / Genova

The Teatro Stabile of Genoa, founded in 1951, is one of the most important public theatres in Italy. After 45 years under the guidance of Ivo Chiesa, the leadership passed in 2000 to Carlo Repetti, with Marco Sciaccaluga acting as co-director, and in 2014, to Angelo Pastore, with Marco Sciaccaluga as the artistic consultant.

A theatre with a heart in prose, between great classics and new dramaturgy, civil and comic theatre, but open to contamination, from dance to music. An extraordinary theatre proposal and 4 rooms - the Teatro della Corte, the Teatro Duse, the Teatro Gustavo Modena, the Sala Mercato - distributed in focal points of the city.

©Bepi Caroli


Piazza Borgo Pila 42

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