Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre

Georgia / Tbilisi

One of the most revered theatres in Georgia, itself one of the world’s great theatre cultures, the Marjanishvili was founded in 1928.

"The aim of art is very simple - to bring happiness and instill courage" – Kote Marjanishvili based his concept of new theatre on new drama and classics, unique ensemble of artists and new technologies by that time.

The Marjanishvili’s present is determined by unique theatre language of  artistic director Levan Tsuladze and the team around him.  In a time where digital technology takes the leadership in society, Levan Tsuladze with his artistic vision suggests that theatre as a "live process" gets primary  importance. Marjanishvili is evolving and attracting to all generations of society, not only by creative degree and quality, but also with its active social position. Marjanishvili is a vivid theatre, an accumulator of live and active processes, pulling in professionals and audience.

Marjanishvili Theatre runs 2 stages with 50,000 spectators every season. The repertoire presents the classics of world literature alongside with the contemporary drama. In 2020, Marjanishvili will have a new stage “Theatre City” being built currently.  

“If all the theatre in Georgia comes anywhere close to the standard of the Marjanishvili company, then the job of theatre critic there must be the most covetable in the land.” The Guardian


Kote Marjanishvili Street 8

+995 322 95 40 01

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