Young Europe III

Strange Things

Young Europe III

Before Tomorrow

Young Europe III

Age of Rage

Young Europe III


Young Europe III

30 Years of Peaceful Revolution in Dresden

Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Premieres at Landestheater Linz

Landestheater Linz

Focusing on the Classics While Projecting Towards Contemporary Theatre

Fondazione Teatro Due

Romanian Theatre in the Spotlight

Timișoara National Theatre

From Molière to Nina Raine

Theater Magdeburg

What Does Violence Mean?

Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg

Today’s Youth at the Heart of the New Season

Staatstheater Braunschweig

Solidarity in Focus

Schauspiel Leipzig

Contemporary Dramaturgy in Focus

Teatro Stabile di Torino

Fake News: There is no Portuguese Dramaturgy

“Find Ways to Give Something Back to the Local Community”

Promoting Young Creation in Luxembourg

Generating New Audiences: More Than a Task

Radar Ost – Deutsches Theater on the Lookout

Bringing Stages to Audiences

On the process of opening satellite stages in Tbilisi and Oslo

"I Am Isa": Words of Youngsters

Young Europe III

First English Version of Ukrainian Classic, Maklena

Kyiv National Academic Molodyy Theatre

Rage – What Does the New Generation Think?

Young Europe III

The Salems Witches

Performance Exchange 2019

My Rather Odd Friend Walter

Performance Exchange 2019

P. Experiment

“Alexandru Davila” Theatre

Einer von uns

Det Norske Teatret

International Recognition for Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Huge Success for Counting Sheep – Staging a Revolution

Belarus Free Theatre
ETC Activities

The ETC’s artistic collaboration project Young Europe III focuses on theatre as a place of identification for young people in Europe.

The next edition of the ETC International Theatre Conference will be held in Graz (Austria). 

Supporting emerging theatre artists by offering new perspectives and professional artistic experiences in a European public theatre. 

Our Stage introduces the idea of Bürgerbühne (literally “citizens’ stage”) – which is run the same way as a professional in-house production company but involves nonprofessional actors – as a new form of creative community outreach via artistic collaboration and as a new artistic business model.

The two-year applied research project European Theatre Lab set out to research a digital strategy for major European state-funded theatrical institutions with the goal of expanding access to the arts via new technology.

Year 2020
23 24 March 2020

Green Theatre Seminar: Register Now!

Two-Day Seminar for Artistic and Production Teams

ETC is organising its first Green Theatre Seminar from 23 to 24 March 2020 in National Theatre Prague, Czech Republic. Artistic and production teams from ETC Member Theatres are invited to join this two-day seminar!

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23 24 March 2020

Next Communication Officers Seminar is Announced

Green Communication: Best Practice and Challenges

The next seminar dedicated to communication officers will take place from 23 to 24 March 2020 in National Theatre Prague, Czech Republic.

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06 January 2020

Invite a Guest Performance From Another ETC Member Theatre

5 Grants Available for Performance Exchange

You are an ETC Member and wish to welcome a performance from another member to your theatre? ETC has a special programme offering grants to enable this performance exchange.

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Year 2019
02 December 2019

Press Release

Report from the ETC International Theatre Conference

“Whose Stories Are We Telling?”: The ETC International Theatre Conference closed yesterday after four days of in-depth discussions, panel and table talks, networking and exchanges.

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Applications for the Artist Residency Programme 2020 Are Closed

The results will be communicated by 15 November 2019.

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